Portofino, It is nestled in a picturesque Cove that opens at the southeastern end of the promontory between the peninsula of the Golfo del Tigullio and punta Carega.
A small village of colorful houses placed around the small Bay and the Marina crowded by boats of all sizes, from small goiter to luxury yachts. It is surrounded by a lush vegetation of olive trees, Lali, pines and cypresses surrounding slopes.
Guy de Maupassant, He wrote already in 1889 “Never did I hear an impression egualiabile that I tried to enter in this Bay…”. It was probably a prelude to a very successful season and inexhaustible for the small village of Portofino and Bay. Frequented by celebrities from the world of literature, the show and the international jet set and an elitist tourism, lover of his unparalleled spectacular scenery, for his intense sea of colours and perfumes. There is no shortage of elegant shops and well-known restaurants, a small theater and many locals live day and night.
Those who love nature, the sea, the enchanting landscapes cannot fail once in a lifetime immersed in an old-time village where even today there is a sea-faring nature of the place. Portofino is also famous for the production of lace of Flanders, processed with artisanal methods to bolster.
Apart from the Marina, the most important point of attraction, You can discover other corners of paradise, as the mountain behind the village, where there are several itineraries.